Gunslinger Challenges

Ultimate Gunslinger Challenges

Inspiration for our Gunslinger Challenges comes from The Gunslinger, a novel by American author Stephen King which tells the story of Roland of Gilead and his amazing quest—and he was definitely unmatched with a gun, but more importantly he was a leader who was good at many things.

At PrairieFire, we’re not just a shooting range. We’re a vibrant community where individuals of all skill levels come together for heart-pounding Special Operations-Inspired Gunslinger Challenges they cannot find anywhere else.

These challenges aren’t just about hitting targets; they’re about igniting the spirit of teamwork, leadership, and extreme trust – the foundation of the American idea.

Gunslinger Canyon

Unlike anything else in the country, this exclusive PrairieFire challenge captures the nostalgic feel of the wild west and the adrenaline rush of legendary gunslingers. Run & gun your way through a real life desert canyon, making split second decisions at every twist and turn, and testing your instincts and accuracy as the action echoes through the valley. “Gunslinger Canyon” is an unforgettable bucket list-style adventure for sharpshooters and novices, alike.

Gunslinger 1-Mile Shot

A mile is a long way. Even on flat ground with a clear day you can’t see most things a mile away, much less a target about the size of a coaster. Do you think you could hit it? What about wind? Elevation? Humidity? Air pressure?

Here at PrairieFire our “1 Mile Shot” challenge is curated by our expert coaching staff. We will guide you through the proper set up and coach you every step of the way.

1-Mile Shot includes 4 hours of training and will utilize 338 Lapua with 40 rounds of match grade ammunition. During the 4-hour challenge, the weapon will be fitted to the shooter; you will zero the rifle and engage targets at various ranges—culminating with the 1-mile shot. This package includes a video of the challenge from start to finish.

Looking for that one-of-a-kind challenge? Hit the 36″x36″ plate and receive the 1-mile challenge coin and have the brass casing engraved with your name and date!

Gunslinger Sporting Clay Circuit

Test your reflexes on the most exciting and challenging one-of-a-kind clays experience. Our sporting clays range has been built by our talented range staff and targets have been set by our Shotgun Sports Manager, Jay Krug. Trap legend, Corey Howell, built this 18-station circuit exclusively for PrairieFire to seamlessly integrated into the natural landscape, so every part of this unique gunslinger challenge is designed to surprise and delight. From the creative use of traps to the innovative station placement, this a perfect excursion for groups seeking adventure, and anyone else who wants to have a blast.

Gunslinger 5-Stand

The perfect introduction to shotgun sports, this condensed and gamified clays challenge can hold up to 5 shooters at a time, with two 5-stand positions, each with a generous 15 trap array. Shooters get 5 different targets each presented from a variety of placements perfectly integrated into the breathtaking natural landscape. Our 5-Stand is designed to push boundaries, redefine preconceptions and celebrate the art of shotgun shooting.


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