Q Academy 

Special Ops-inspired training for civilians. 


Our Q Academy training curriculum is based on the PrairieFire Method (PFM), which adopts modern training methods employed by special operations military, police, and competitive shooting instructors for step-level training from beginner to expert. We tailor a PFM plan to help every shooter achieve their potential, regardless of their baseline skill level. Whether training for competency, enjoyment or sport, our PFM gets you to your objective and provides you a lifetime of skills progression.

Unique Experiences

PrairieFire offers more than training for those customers who are seeking an analogous experience into the lives of military and law enforcement professionals.  We provide unique experiences for our customers to improve their skills, increase their situational awareness, and hone their craft though the crucible of competition.  These experiences enhance and build upon the training offered in the Q Academy.


  • Special Courses:  These courses of fire are challenging for shooters of all levels to test their abilities.  Our scenarios will fire up your adrenaline and are pure fun.    

  • Team Competitions:  These events are modeled after special operations “Monster Mash” competitions that test multiple skills (shooting, problem solving, performance under pressure) and reward teamwork.

  • Situational awareness: Scenarios replicating life experiences and providing appropriate instinctual responses. 

  • Everything Days:  For those who have always wanted to shoot a full arsenal of weapons at once, we will arrange a unique custom experience for you.

  • Sniper Experience: Long Range precision shooting experiences for those who have wondered if they could make "that shot." 

  • Helo Precision Marksmanship: Exhilarating “knees in breeze” experience in an open-door helicopter acquiring and shooting targets.

  • “Gun-Athlons”: A portfolio of sports competitions that combine precision shooting with athleticism for people of all fitness levels.

  • Fallen Blue SWAT Championship: Elite Law Enforcement Team competitions are held yearly to recognize the nation’s top SWAT Teams.

  • PrairieFire Open Championship:  Our premiere annual competition to find the nation's best competitive shooters. A test of skill, athleticism, and decision-making in a head-to-head format in front of live and virtual audiences.