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PrairieFire is pleased to support a plan of reorganization for Front Sight Management, LLC (“Front Sight”). To understand the plan and its impact on members, it is critical to understand our long-term vision.

We want to make the current Front Sight location the pre-eminent shooting destination in the world.

We plan significant financial investment in the facility. In addition to the existing ranges, we plan to develop shooting courses that do not exist outside of elite military training installations. Our build-out plans also include long-range and Helo shooting experiences.

In addition, PrairieFire’s Q Academy training curriculum is deeply rooted in the special operations training of the elite military and adapted for civilians. We believe that our competitions and championships will define the shooting industry, as well as provide a destination for industry leaders to connect with our members.

The bedrock of our vision is to embrace the existing Front Sight members and welcome them into PrairieFire. To date, we have studied and evaluated the large Front Sight membership from a distance. We recognize that the numerous members were each attracted to Front Sight for many different reasons and motivations. In our plan, we have done our best to address those known motivations and mirror the various membership groups in a Plan adapted for the PrairieFire vision and offerings.

PrairieFire, through its wholly owned subsidiary FS DIP, LLC, is a lender to the Chapter 11 bankruptcy of Front Sight Management, LLC. In conjunction with that financing, PrairieFire entered into an agreement to acquire Front Sight’s reorganized business, which agreement is currently pending approval before the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Nevada. The business includes approximately 550 acres of real estate. Our desire and intent is to bring our PrairieFire/Stagecoach activities to the current Front Sight location.

Who is PrairieFire?

We are a new company led by a team of former elite military operators, law-enforcement leaders, and competitive shooters elevating our passion to energize and better the 2A experience and industry. Our service to our country has shaped our collective perspective and approach to both life and shooting – and instilled us with the principles we live by. We are honored to live in the greatest country in the world. Most importantly, we cherish honesty and directness, and treat everyone in the manner we hope to be treated.

Long Term Vision

Our long-term vision is simple: Evolve the current Front Sight location into the world’s pre-eminent shooting destination experience. We are also building a similar destination experience in Texas – in Williamson County just north of Austin.

Our vision is to provide the 2A community with analogous experiences achieved in other industries. For families, the pinnacle is visiting Disney World. In golf, it is a trip to Pebble Beach or Augusta. For NASCAR, it is the week of fun and activities at Daytona or Charlotte Speedway. For Formula One, it is the experience of Monte Carlo. For football, it is the Super Bowl and the experiences in the days leading up to the big game.

Every great sport has its special place – shooting does not. We intend to establish PrairieFire Nevada as that magical place for shooters.


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