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Think you’re a good shot? Take a shot at a chance to win!

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How do you get your RANK?

Download Target.

Download and print your RANK target from the PrairieFire website.



Shoot from your chosen distance (5, 10, 15 and 25 yards)

based on your skill level.*



Submit a photo of your shot target to and receive your RANK score shortly


Rules And Guidelines:

  • RANK is a qualification & ranking system for handguns of all types that can discharge a minimum of five rounds within 10 seconds.
  • Course of Fire is a total of 10 shots: 5 rounds in under 60 seconds, followed by 5 rounds in under 10 seconds. Please note the distance anywhere on your target
  • Requirements:
    • Minimum centerfire caliber of 9mm
    • No barrel porting, compensators, or muzzle devices to reduce recoil
    • Red dots and other sights are allowed if there is no magnification