Future Activities  

Helo Training: We will offer a unique opportunity to blend helicopter-borne marksmanship training for people interested in precision shooting with coaches. Not your “door gunner” experience - this is a shooting experience replicating military and law enforcement sniper overwatch experiences.   


​Long Range Rifle Training: Precision rifle marksmanship taught by some of the nation’s top shooters.  You will learn the elements of equipment selection, range estimation, and ballistics.  In addition, our ranges allow students to train in different environmental conditions and deliver precision long-range shots.      

​Survival Training:  Have you ever wondered what surviving in the harsh southwest desert entails?  How to find shelter and water and navigate to safety.  This course is taught by experts in survival and will be offered seasonally. 

Hunter Preparation:   Have a big hunt planned? We will help you sight in your rifle, set up your equipment, and get you ready for the hunt of a lifetime. You will arrive at the destination with confidence in your abilities and your rifle and gear sorted out.  Our expert instructors overlook nothing.